Cbio A/S – enabling cancer cure



Enabling cancer cure

Cbio’s mission is to develop and bring next-generation cell-based immunotherapies to cancer patients worldwide.


Cbio technology

Cbio’s unique and proprietary technology forms the basis for a clearly differentiated TIL product with transformative potential – a product designed to reinvigorate resting immune cells and expand them to the billions faster, securing a highly potent multitargeted TIL product that effectively tracks down and kills cancer cells.


In our pipeline

Cbio’s novoleucel TIL product licensed from Herlev Hospital has been tested clinically in more than 100 patients spanning 12 different solid tumor indications in 9 clinical studies. Here, novoleucel has proven to be safe and tolerable with overall response rates up to 46% and complete remission in up to 13% in a late-stage cancer patient population. It is currently being investigated in a large investigator-led phase III clinical study in metastatic melanoma.


Join our team in the quest for curing cancer

Join us in the fight to make cancer a curable disease together with our collaborators and partners. Cbio offers you the possibility to truly make an impact and where your dedication, contributions and opinions are highly valued. 



Ulrik Cordes

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Business focused leader with 25 years’ experience in biotech and pharma.

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Cecilia Hultén

Co-founder, Chief Financial Officer

Finance executive, entrepeneur and investor with extensive experience from capital markets and the startup scene.

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Jørgen Dam

Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

Jørgen has a profound experience in strategic and operational leadership within biotech and pharma.

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